Walking Football

I recently got invited to try Walking Football by someone I used to play football with. I had heard about it and that was mainly for over 50’s so didn’t think would be able to do but at a local one there is no age restriction so after a couple of false starts (Christmas & Illness) I finally attended my first session. Leading up to it I thought how hard can it be but boy I was wrong, I know the session I attended are a bit loose on the Walking part with some jogging happening but after not kicking a football in nearly 6 years (since I ruptured my Achilles) it was hard work and strange as where used to use pace to help stretch for a ball not having that pace made it harder and a few times I ended up on the fall the same with shooting though even standing still my shooting was awful and it felt weird kicking a ball properly though still have my keeping reflexes. One thing I’ve not missed from playing football is the bruised knees which I have 2 of them now after spending a lot of time falling over.

The group was a complete mixture and very welcoming and it looking forward to the next session even though my knees and muscles ache the day after but that’s to be expected until I get used to it.


Rita Ora – Phoenix (Deluxe) & Paloma Faith – The Architect (Zeitgeist)

Not sure if have done an normal album review on this site yet but here goes with a double review, both of female artist I do enjoy listening to with very distinct voices.

Rita Ora – Phoenix

For me Rita is an artist that keeps producing better and better music and this album continues this with too me more good songs than average songs as often find on albums as normally you get 3 or 4 “Singles” which are good and the rest are average. The Deluxe version has 16 tracks including her hits Anywhere, Your Song along with her collaborations with Liam Payne (For You), Rudimental (Summer Love) and Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX for the track Girls , it also includes her latest song Let You Love Me. For me this is her best album and I hope she continues improving, the favourite track on the album is Girls but I do love Anywhere. Rating – B+

Tracklist –
1. Anywhere
2. Let You Love Me
3. New Look
4. Lonely Together (feat. Rita Ora) – Avicii
5. Your Song
6. Only Want You
7. First Time High
8. For You (Fifty Shades Freed) – Liam Payne & Rita Ora
9. Summer Love – Rudimental & Rita Ora
10. Girls (feat. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX)
11. Keep Talking (feat. Julia Michaels)
12. Hell Of A Life
13. Velvet Rope
14. Falling To Pieces
15. Cashmere
16. Soul Survivor
Paloma Faith – The Architect

Paloma is a singer I really do love listening to as she has a unique voice and like Lily Allen and Kate Nash has her own unique songs, I do have to admit I’ve not got her other albums but love Changing and Only Love Can Hurt Like This that she has previously released. Whilst many of these tracks are not as well know it does contain Crybaby and Lullaby (with Sigala) but my favourite track is the one she has done with John Legend called I’ll Be Gentle which hasn’t been released as a single but I think would do really well as a single. I think she might not sell as much as she could because of her voice as whilst I love it I can’t really listen to an hour non stop like can do some singers but could listen to a track several times in a day without losing the love for the track. Rating B-

Tracklist –
1. Evolution (feat Samuel L Jackson)
2. The Architect
3. Guilty
4. Crybaby
5. I’ll Be Gentle (with John Legend)
6. Politics of Hope (Feat Owen Jones)
7. Kings and Queens
8. Surrender
9. Warrior
10. Til I’m Done
11. Lost and Lonely
12. Still Around
13. Pawns (Feat Baby, Nym & Janelle)
14. WW3
15. Love Me As I Am
16. Power to the Peaceful
17. Tonight’s Not The Only Night
18. My Body
19. Price of Fame
20. Loyal
21. Final Breath
22. Your Ex
23. Older
24. Make Your Own Kind of Music
25. Lullaby (with Sigala)

Bird Box

A Netflix original that has got a lot of people talking and saying it’s a good film, the first I heard about it was a story about Sandra Bullock not having holes cut in her blindfold as she wanted the journey with her blindfold on to be as real as possible and the producers where worried about her well-being. In my opinion this didn’t live up to the hype it has been give and I kept waiting for Dean and Sam (From Supernatural) to appear as this felt like a Supernatural episode.

The film is decent and worth watching but not as good as it’s led to believe and Sandra Bullock was her normal best, however there was a lot of weird things that didn’t make sense (even in a Supernatural Triller film) and I can’t understand why for 5 years she called her son Boy and the girl that Olympia gave birth to at the same time (weird that too) was called Girl. The ending has caused many discussion online and also at work, it doesn’t follow the book and I gather one of the few things in the film that didn’t. Whilst the ending does seem abrupt and also seems to have got people talking about it, it is what I expect in these types of films and perhaps there might be a follow up film that tells you what happened afterwards.

If you have Netflix, watch it but not necessary a must see as I was expecting with the hype that it was producing. B- from me

Life Itself

A Sky Cinema production that like the previous Sky Cinema Productions were being showed on Sky Cinema Channel and selected Cinemas at the same time. Life Itself feature Olivia Wilde, Oscar Isaac, Antonio Banderas and Annette Bening with a brief appearance from Samual L Jackson. The films starts off weird and tries to split the movie into Chapters like Moonlight but fails with this as it disjoints the film and 1 chapter is 30 minutes long whilst another is like 5 minutes. The Chapters do link up at the end but as you watch the film it is very confusing and has different timelines, you can suddenly be 2 years previous and then back at the current time. However once you have watched the film and pieced all the chapters together it makes a lot more sense and makes it more enjoyable so I think it is a film that improves when you watch a second or third time but not sure you would watch any more than this.

The actual idea I really liked and that the worst story narrator is Life Itself but I do think the film could’ve been better and perhaps get rid of the chapters or just have 3, 1 each about the families and then one final one at the end where the families join.

So I’m only giving this a C+ (Changing rating from out of 5 or 10 to grades like we had I school so will mark it A+ to F-).

If have Sky watch it but I don’t think worth going to the Cinema for.

The Greatest Showman – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vs Reimagined

One of my favourite movies and soundtrack last year was The Greatest Showman and when they said were releasing an album with the songs sung by the likes of P!nk, Kelly Clarkson and Craig David I was really looking forward to hearing how it compared.

I have 3 songs that I really love in the Movie, A Million Dreams, Never Enough (sung by Loren Allred as Rebecca Ferguson didn’t actually sing the song) and This is Me so these were the 3 songs I played more attention to. Only the Reimagined album A Million Dreams is sung by P!nk, Never Enough by Kelly Clarkson (who I love listening too) and This is Me by Kerala Settle (who sings it originally), Kesha and Missy Elliot. Maybe it’s because I had listen to the original songs first but none of the Reimagined versions seemed to be as good as the originals, Kelly’s version of Never Enough not P!nk’s version of A Million Dreams gave me the chills the original versions gave me, personally to me it seems the people behind the Reimagined version jumped on the band wagon of The Greatest Showman and tried to cash in and with the names on the album should’ve produced a far better album in my opinion but as said it could be that I’m biased as listened to the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack first and fell in love with those versions of the songs.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack would’ve got a B+ from me whilst the Reimagined would only get perhaps a D-

Personally Radio Stations I rather listen to Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams and the rest sing A Million Dreams than P!nk.


A film I saw the trailer before Christmas and thought this looks interesting so I watched and I rather liked it. Based on the true story about Parisian writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette who married a very successful writer who was better known by his pen name of Willy who was the author of the Claudine Novels though as the film tells they were actually written by Gabrielle. The film follows Colette before her marriage and during it until her divorce which happened after Willy sold the rights to Claudine. Kiera Knightly returns to costume drama with her role as Colette and fits the role well. I learnt a lot about Colette duding the film and made me want to find out more about her afterwards which I guess was part of the point of this film though I expect those who have read more will probably know more about her, I did find out she wrote Gigi which is a book I have heard off. I liked the film and enjoyed it though I have no doubt some people won’t like it and would find boring though there are a few sex scenes and topless scenes to keep the boys watching.

I rate this a 3/5 (I may changing my rating scheme as don’t really like marking out of 5 or 10).

Mary Poppins Returns – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Along with the film the Soundtrack fails to delivery, the album like the film is not as upbeat as the original and with A Star Is Born album still going strong this will I fear get left on the shelf. There are a couple of decent tracks but very few of the tracks on the album are uplifting. Can You Imagine That? could’ve been a good track but not one that suits Emily Blunt’s vocals, to me the best song is A Cover is Not the Book though the song is weird it is track you would expect from a Disney film but I’m afraid on the whole Disney has disappointed with Mary Poppins Returns. 1/5 – don’t bother buying.


  1. (Underneath the) Lovely London Sky
  2. Overture
  3. A Conversation
  4. Can You Imagine That?
  5. The Royal Doulton Music Hall
  6. Introducing Mary Poppins
  7. A Cover is Not the Book
  8. The Place Where Lost Things Go
  9. Turning Turtle
  10. Trip a Little Light Fantastic
  11. The Place Where Lost Things Go (Reprise)
  12. Trip a Little Light Fantastic (Reprise)
  13. Nowhere to Go But Up
  14. (Underneath the) Lovely London Sky (Reprise)
  15. Theme from Mary Poppins Returns
  16. Kite Takes Off
  17. Mary Poppins Arrives
  18. Magic Papers
  19. Banks in the Bank
  20. Into the Royal Doulton Bowl
  21. Rescuing Georgie
  22. Off to Topsy’s
  23. Chase Through the Bank
  24. Lost in a Fog
  25. Goodbye Old Friend
  26. Race to Big Ben
  27. End Title Suite

Mary Poppins Returns/Bumblebee

A week later than planned Sunday saw me watch Mary Poppins Returns and Bumblebee at Cineworld.

Mary Poppins Returns

This was a film I was looking forward to seeing as well as dreading as love the original Mary Poppins. My main concern was on how Emily Blunt did as Mary and how her singing compared to Julie’s. Set after the original the Banks children (Michael and Jane) have now grown up and Michael has 3 children, whose wife had just died and is in danger of losing their house (Still 17 Cherry Tree Lane), Jane has taken after her Mother and organises rally’s. Though this is not a patch on the original nor is Emily Blunt like Julie Andrews, it is a decent film and Emily Mortimer and Lin-Manual Miranda give very good performances though Ben Whishaw goes the same way as Emily Blunt and doesn’t do the role justice. There is a lot of the same things though dated in the new film compared to the original (Admiral Boom, Ellen returns, Jumping into a Painting (or a bowl in the new one) and the film starts with a song by neither the Banks or Mary Poppins and of course the Kite is involved). I don’t believe the songs are as catchy though I do like a couple of them – Can You Imagine That (though not sure suits Emily Blunts voice) and A Cover is not a Book (that does suit her voice). You can’t help but compare this to the original but if you don’t then it is a better film, I think it would be better to wait to see on Home Media than going to see at the Cinema which is a shame. 2/5


It’s been a while since I watched the Transformers but liked the trailer for this film so had to go and see, though Cineworld Whiteley seemed have the wrong format of film as the subtitles were only showing the top of the letters and the top part of the screen seemed to be missing in parts (think played IMAX format on a non IMAX screen). Set in 1987 the film shows how the Transformers arrived on Earth and how Bumblebee was involved in this after being sent down to Earth to prepare it. Bumblebee arrives on Earth and after escaping the US Army he hides as a VW Beetle until Charlie (Hailee Steinfield) finds him in a repair yard and fixes him up thinking it was a normal car but as she fixes him up Bumblebee shows himself and they start an unlikely friendship and Charlie gives him the name Bumblebee, their friendship helps Charlie deal with her life and helps develops a friendship with Memo and they overcome the Deceptions as well as the US Army when they escape Charlie tells Bumblebee they have to split or would be on the run forever and Bumblebee than transforms to a Camaro. I really enjoyed this film and though Hailee played the role well as having seen her in Pitch Perfect it was nice to see her play a different role. The only thing that was poorly done was when Charlie was fixing the Beetle she was fixing the engine in the front of the car but even I know that the Beetles’ engine is at the back of the car but this doesn’t take anything away from the film. This is worthwhile seeing at the Cinema if have time and free to do so. 3/5 rating from me.

Best of 2018

As 2018 draws to a near I’ve decided to write what I think is the best of 2918 in my own opinion

Movie – This is a hard one, there has been plenty of good films like Aquaman and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms and big disappointments like Wreck it Ralph 2 and The Happytime Murders. I loved the 2 Musicals I saw this year (The Greatest Showman & Mamma Mia 2) and The Incredibles 2 movie was my favourite animation film but I have to go with Ready Player One as my favourite film of the year.

I still have Bumblebee and Mary Poppins Returns to see this weekend.

Album – Selecting 2 hear as one is a Soundtrack for Mamma Mia 2 – Here We Go Again as lived the tracks and think Lily James has a great voice that worked in the film. The second one is Jess Glynn, I love her vocals and can’t find any poor track on this album unlike many other albums I’ve listened to this year and also contains one of my favourite songs of the year – Thursday.

TV Series – The Marvellous Mrs Maisel- I know season 1 originally came out last year but I only watched this year and live this show and Season 2 was outstanding too and deserved the awards it has received. I love Rachel Brosnahan as Midge and though seen plenty of shows/films she has appeared in none have stood out like her character here.

Book – Not read a lot this year though am reading John Grisham’s The Reckoning and also The Twisted Tales by Liz Braswell but is one of my resolutions to read more this year. So not going to select a best book for me.

My achievement – completing a 11K walk around Fareham

Other things of note for 2018 – Baby Leon arrived by being born in Gareth’s Seat Leon and another Townley was born – Henry. Bryony turned 18 to become an adult

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