A New Start

Decide to start a fresh new blog that will merge all posts into one. Just need to decide on a name, it will also later have a custom URL and I’ll get a email domain as well probably. I will post Movie, Music, product reviews as before as well as add own thoughts and opinions to the blog. All views on the blog will be mine and won’t represent any other individual or company. If someone does express a view I will credit them this. The views are to be respected whoever it is as that’s the right of a person as long as it’s lawful, no-one needs to agree with it and I’m happy for debates to take place as long as it doesn’t get personal.

Posts that I have planned – Solo film review, Walking aims (race at your pace), Otty Mattress, Bluetooth Headphones/Transmitter Review, Xbox One S & PS 4 comparison. Most of these blogs will be shorter than before but hopefully more frequent and 1 every day or 2 rather than 3 or 4 in one go. Now of to think of names for both Blog and Website, currently thinking Ad Intra which means from within.


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