Solo – A Film Review

The second in the standalone Star Wars films Solo was released last week and after a couple of failed attempts for me to see this due to illness I finally went and saw the other day. I was seeing mixed reviews about the film and having read the Han Solo books from the original (legends) series of books (before Disney and the Canon) I was interested to see how they made Han Solo to be who we knew from the Original trilogy. Whilst I enjoyed the film and liked that they gave him a love interest it did leave a lot still to think about as how Qi’ra fits in to the rest of the story but does leave it very open to a sequel though as been mentioned by another film reviewer rather than do a straight sequel why not use the planned Boba Fett and Lando stories to carry on the story involving Han, this would also work very well and also have a nice nod to the legends books mentioned as set during the same time as the Han Solo trilogy of books are books about Boba Fett and Lando so I like this idea. Though a Star War fan I’ve not got into the Canon storyline as much as I did the classic and not read a lot of the books (though plan to do so shortly) so I was also confused about the appearance at the end of a character from The Phantom Menace until I read the updated Canon timeline and saw why they appeared. Donald Glover was a great choice for Lando and he played him how I expected Lando to be when he was younger. L3-37 was a great way to go for a droid and keeps up with the other eccentric droids in the Star Wars Universe.

Another character I think needs to be included in more Star Wars stories is Enfys Nest as it seems she is part of the start of the rebellion as it seems the rebellion though has started to form before Solo there is a big gap between Solo and Rogue One and seems to be a different path to the Clone Wars where the empire/senate seems to start splitting, maybe it is told more in the Novels but if like me and not read them then there seems to be a gap. As a Star Wars fan this is a must watch film and it is a generally good film and doesn’t seem over 2 hours long as it is and I think non Star Wars fans will also enjoy this, whilst this is not as good as Rogue One it is a different type of Star Wars film rather than a lot of action it is just really one mission and also shows how Han did the Kessel run in 12 parsacs. Whilst I’m looking forward to Episode IX I’m also looking forward to hearing about the next Star Wars Story as I’m liking this expansion of the story. 🎬🎬🎬


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