Walking Challenges

It’s just over 5 years now since I had my achilles repaired and forced to retire from sports and in last few years also told by 2 orthopaedic surgeons, a chiropractor and Physiotherapist that I shouldn’t run either as my lower joints won’t take the stress after the trauma from the rupture which has caused me to lose some of the motivation I had to go to the gym and exercise more, though I have managed to do RPM classes and also do some Gym Cardio workouts I still missed running (not sure why!) so when I came across a facebook post (advert) from Race At Your Pace I thought I’ll have a look and find out a bit more about it, the idea behind it is to set yourself a goal to walk, jog, run or even cycle a certain amount of miles in a month (25, 50, 75 & 100 for walk/jog/run 100, 200, 300, 400 for cycle) and you pay £10 (£14 if want a compression top) to enter and you get a medal if you complete the goal (a percentage also goes to charity). I decided to sign up and give it a goal and set a 25 mile goal (I ended up doing 90 miles) and at the end of the month submitted my claim. During the month I looked at whether there is others that do this type of challenge and found a few, last month I did one from Zoom Virtual Races but this time I did a 5K in one go (It was a first timed 5K I have done outside since injury) and got a Star Wars Zoom Wars Medal, I ended up doing 3 5K walks last month too. This month I have gone back to Race at Your Pace as I like there medal and set a 75 Miles goal. I have also signed up to do 1000K over the course of 12 months but am planning of trying to do this in 8 months as I signed up in April. This has increased my motivation and the last 5K I did I was 6 minutes faster than my first and still only walking as I now walk a tad faster but at a more consistent pace, I do have a goal of doing a 10K walk next month and this has given me a bit more motivation to do things like this. My Mum has just finished one for May where she had to do 31 Miles over the course of a month and she’s just waiting for her medal to come. I know that there is 5K Parkruns that are free but I’m not sure how I would feel watching people run pass and completing the course in half the time that I would take (about 50 minutes) so doing these virtual races are good as no-one can say how slow you go and also if the weather is bad I can use the treadmill in the gym, I’m also thinking of doing some of the challenges just on the Cross Trainer so I would do 25 miles on the cross trainer in a month (or something like that), one of the sites also gave a useful guide on how to work out certain gym classes into Miles so that also gives me another option though at present I’m not back to doing Gym classes just standard gym workouts but this may change in the future. It has also got me walking at lunchtimes at work which is good as it means I’m away from my desk which I don’t often do and ended up working most of my lunch so this can only benefit me.



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