FIFA World Cup 2018

With just a couple of days until the start of the World Cup in Russia, I thought I write a small post with what I think will happen, what I would like to happen and whatever else I think of whilst writing it.

The Support team that I work within are doing a sweepstake where we had 4/5 teams each (as only 7 of us are taking part) and I have South Korea, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and Croatia. Switzerland and Belgium I think have an outside chance and think one of these 2 will cause a surprise but as mentioned on the Conduent Score Prediction page I believe Argentina would be the team to beat but only because they seem to have the easier side of the draw as if the other side you have Germany, Brazil, Belgium, England and Switzerland whilst the Argentina side I would say only France and Spain are the main contenders.

Personally I would love England to do well but with the expected oppositions in the Quarter Finals where they could meet Germany or Brazil I can see them getting any further than this stage. Depending on the stage England get to I think Harry Kane has a good chance of the Golden Boot but with Spain and Argentina expecting to go further I would expect Messi  and Aguero to be up there along with Griezmann.

My main concern over the World Cup is that if Russia go out in the first road and that whilst the majority of their supporters seem to accept this will happen I hope the hardcore Ultra fans don’t go looking for trouble against the German and English fans especially. Whilst there has been a lot of concern about the legality of Russia winning hosting the World Cup I do like the Cup being held in different countries (the same with Qatar) and I hope that it does go without any issues. The other concern I have is actually on the pitch with the use of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) as I can see this causing issuing and will be interesting to see how this works as different nations have different methods of this at present, perhaps we can learn from it but don’t believe the World Cup to be the stage to learn from.

Here’s hoping to a good and competitive World Cup.



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