New Music

Every so often I write reviews on some new albums which I listen to either during my walks or in the bath, normally it will be artist I’ve listen to before or if I have liked a single of theirs. The last fortnight I have listened to 3 new albums.

Lily Allen – No Shame

I was looking forward to this as liked her previous albums and as Kate Nash recently released an album and they’re both similar style I was hoping it was as good as Kate’s but I was disappointed to be honest, whilst the content is similar to her past albums I didn’t feel the connection to the song as if the past, she seems to have tried to modernise her style but it hasn’t worked. It’s an okay album but not one to write home about.

Various Artist – Soft Rock Forever

You can’t go wrong with putting together a Various Artist album of Soft Rock as there is plenty to chose from, this has all the classics you expect and it is coming up to Fathers Day. It contains 60 tracks and most you will love. It’s a sure hit.

Delta Goodrem – I Honestly Love You 

A Olivia Newton-John tribute with Delta singing Olivia’s hits with a couple of Duets thrown in. Whilst you don’t get the same upbeat singing as Olivia you can’t fault Delta as she is a very good female artist in her own right though I do prefer her earlier stuff  this is a good album if you’re a fan of either her or Olivia.

Charli XCX – 5 in the Morning

Not an album but a single that I just have to mention as I love this track, I’ve not been a fan of Charli’s recent work (apart from the collaboration on Girls with Rita Ora, Cardi B and Bebe Raxha) but loved her old stuff but this is a great track and deserves to be a hit.


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