Welcome to Dave’s World a new refreshed blog which will have all my reviews, views and ramblings rather than having different blogs and under a new domain which I have even set up email on so feel free to contact me here.

Here you will find Film Reviews from both Cinema (I’m an Cineworld Unlimited Card Holder) and Screen (Netflix, Amazon Prime or Sky Cinema), Music and Book reviews, as well as product reviews and general ramblings about probably everything and will include Football (sorry non Football Fans).

Please remember that all my views and opinions are my own and do not represent views or opinions from others (unless noted), they may not be agreeable to others but everyone is entitled to own opinions, please leave a comment if don’t agree but any personal comments or attacks on people the don’t match your views will be deleted and the user blocked.

My reviews can be used by others as long as the original review is linked to the original source.

Please Note This Blog has no ties to the US TV Show from the 1990’s.

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